What makes a pharmacy focusing on specialty products different than a traditional pharmacy?

A traditional pharmacy is a one-size-fits-all solution for all sorts of needs. Typically, they are not ideally suited to the needs of patients requiring specialty pharmaceuticals, or their physicians. But a specialty pharmacy is different—focused on prescribers and patients. It is wholly dedicated to supporting those who require specialty and biologic pharmaceuticals (which often require sensitive handling and supervision) and to support them in managing chronic illnesses.

What makes BioScript unique in its field?

We are true clinical partners, with a range of solutions to address adherence and other concerns, helping ensure patients get the best possible results from therapies.

BioScript Pharmacists focus on a specific group of conditions facilitating in depth knowledge of those conditions as well as their treatments and management. This means we can help ensure medications are kept in the proper condition, taken on time, and in the right dosage. The result is that patients get the most out of treatment and potential side effects are kept to a minimum.

We’re also the only pharmacy focusing solely on specialty products at work in all 10 provinces. BioScript Pharmacy provides nationwide support and comprehensive knowledge of every provincial health system, and the experience maintaining long-term relationships with prescribers and patients.

How can I access the services at BioScript Pharmacy?

To find your local BioScript Pharmacy, click here.