For Prescribers

We offer a host of critical support services—from dispensing specialty pharmaceuticals, to insurance reimbursement assistance, to patient monitoring—bolstered by a knowledgeable team and leading-edge technology. It’s all designed to provide superior support to your practice, helping you better care for your patients, and helping achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

BioScript Pharmacy, For Prescribers

Specialty Medication and Patient Services

Cold-Chain Temperature Monitoring

Our cold chain monitoring system will help keep your temperature sensitive medications at optimal quality, providing the best results for your patients and reducing product loss. We offer 24-hour monitoring of your onsite refrigeration temperatures via web portal, equipped with a multilevel alarm system. We stay centred on the quality of your medicines so you can focus on your patients.

Medication Delivery to Your Office

We provide free delivery of medications to doctor’s offices, infusion clinics, and patient’s homes. We also deliver nursing supplies and offer a complimentary sharps container and exchange program. We bring everything to you so you can bring the best to your patients.

Office Infusion and Injection Clinics

Establishing an in-office infusion or injection clinic will provide continuity of care and the comfort of familiarity for your patients. We can supply everything you need to get up and running, quickly and easily, with onsite infusion and injection. We make it convenient for you to make things convenient for your patients.

Patient monitoring

We’ll help you provide the best possible care by providing feedback reports on patient therapy adherence and treatment response. Our mobile app allows you to monitor your patient’s progress anytime, anywhere. If patients fall outside of a pre-specified range, there is an option to receive automatic email alerts outlining the issue.

Office Support

Insurance Reimbursement Assistance

Let BioScript remove some paperwork from your desk by providing thorough reimbursement management support. We work closely with manufacturer patient assistance programs, and directly with your patients, to maximize assistance. With locations in every province, we are adept at coordinating private and provincial drug benefits. Less paperwork means more time for patients.

Toll-free consultation

BioScript’s team of specialty pharmacists is available full-time for consultation and information regarding any aspect of patient care, side effects, or pharmaceutical management.

Clinic in a Box

BioScript will help you establish a clinic from the ground up. From our full Clinic in a Box solution, to a selection of ad hoc services, we offer a range of options that can be adapted to your individual needs. We’ll assist with real-estate identification and leasehold improvements, source clinic necessities such as furniture, nursing equipment, and emergency equipment, and provide training for nursing services, staff, and administrative support.

Our Partners

In addition to our nationwide pharmacy network, BioScript’s services are supported by a dynamic network of companies.

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