“BioScript’s commitment to quality care and collaborative practice has helped make life easier for many of my patients as well as myself!”


“My experiences with BioScript have been outstanding. It’s difficult to put into words the appreciation and gratitude for someone going beyond the call of duty to ensure that my needs were taken care of after my life changing diagnosis.”
“I was so stressed out after leaving the doctors office: I had no idea how much this medication was going to cost, and was worried about how complicated it would be to take. The pharmacist at BioScript took care of everything. They coordinated with my insurance, spent over an hour with me on the phone explaining all about the medication. I was so thankful, I was practically in tears.”
“…Being new and highly complex to develop, these drugs require the companies that make them to charge a lot for them. BioScript can help you navigate the coverage process to get the drugs that you need as painlessly as possible…”
“…Just because your medication is complicated, doesn’t mean your life has to be. BioScript helped change my life greatly for the better. They can do the same for you….”