What is a Specialty Pharmacy?

A traditional pharmacy is a one-size-fits-all solution for all sorts of shoppers, but it’s not ideally suited to the needs of patients managing complex illnesses that require specialty pharmaceuticals—or to the needs of their physicians.

A specialty pharmacy is different—focused on prescribers and patients. We are wholly dedicated to supporting patients and prescribers requiring biological and specialty pharmaceuticals, who are dealing with illnesses like the ones listed on this page, and more.

Illness Infographic

Millions of Canadians live with these illnesses, but often don’t have ready access to knowledgeable pharmacist support. A specialty pharmacy is the solution to this care gap, providing assistance with drug-and-disease information and drug-regimen adherence, any time it’s needed. BioScript is Canada’s largest specialty pharmacy, with locations in every province and a staff of trained pharmacists on hand, toll-free, any time support is needed.

Why Us?

Whether you’re a patient or a physician, BioScript’s nationwide network of highly-trained pharmacists are an extension of your care team. We alleviate demands on physicians’ time, while ensuring patients receive the best pharmaceutical support possible, with focused assistance in the dispensing and delivery of biologic, injection, infusion, and other specialty medicines.

Equipped with a range of solutions—from refill reminders to medication delivery—addressing adherence and other concerns, BioScript Pharmacy offers extensive support to help doctors and patients navigate the complexities of disease management. And we’re always available with locations in every province.