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Coverdale Process

Whether from a partner or a physician, a request for a medication service is made to Coverdale’s Resource Center via our toll-free number (1-866-210-0399).
Contact is made with the physician or patient care program within 1 business day to assess the specific needs of the patient, medication and physician. An assessment is done by clinical staff to determine supplies and protocols required.
Set up
Our staff prepare the clinic and clinic nurses for each medication, including medication specific training and any additional clinic supplies or set up. The patient is contacted via CRC for appointment booking when the referral is received from the physician or patient care program.
The patient receives their medication as ordered, and any follow-up requirement are assessed and put in place.

Coverdale boasts the fastest set-up turn-around time among our competition.

Quality Standards

As the premiere company of our kind, our high standards of service require parallel standards of quality:

  • The most modern and well-equipped clinics that include Netflix and WiFi
  • Cold-chain supply network
  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Proprietary IT systems for patient management, tracking and follow-up
  • Regular staff training and continuing education
  • Frequent service audits to ensure quality care
  • Evening and weekend availability

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