About Us

The BioScript Solutions ® group of companies represent a full-service support system for complex drug therapies. From wholesale and pharmacy distribution, to patient support programs and drug administration, BioScript Solutions ® has the capability to manage the needs of patients, prescribers, and manufacturers.

Customized technology offerings serve as the backbone for our strength. Seamless and integrated case management tools allow for prompt appointment booking and information sharing between approved parties. Furthermore, technology-driven workflows and patient touchpoints are designed to ensure positive patient outcomes.

Our experience in the specialty space, along with our dedication to a patient centric approach, has prompted us to develop a new offering for BioScript Solutions ® . This new offering will be delivered through our new patient program division, known as NavieGo.

BioScript Solutions ® is composed of four different entities, each of which evolved out of a need to provide tailored services for the management of patients requiring complex and specialized drug therapies.