To learn more about biosimilars, including updates on provincial coverage of these and other biologic medications, see the Government of Canada's Biosimilars Fact Sheet.

Clear answers for peace of mind

When starting a new treatment for a chronic health condition, it's normal to have questions. We're here to help guide you, so that you can feel confident with your care. For more than 20 years, Canadians have trusted us with their specialty medication and health care needs. Our experienced team of pharmacists, nurses and case managers is ready to support you every step of the way — by handling the paperwork, offering step-by-step guidance and helping navigate complex reimbursement pathways.

When prescribed a new medication, it’s important that you get the clarity you needHere are some questions you may want to ask your physician or pharmacist prior to starting treatment: 

  • Do I take the biosimilar the same way as my current biologic 

  • Can I get the biosimilar from the same pharmacy?  

  • If I take the biosimilar by infusion, can I go to the same infusion clinic? 

  • If I administer the biosimilar myself, is there anything new I need to know or do? How should I store it? And will everything I need be delivered to me? 

  • Will my dosing schedule be the same as my current biologic?  

  • Will I have to switch to a different patient support program?  

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