The Future of Pharmacy: BioScript Champions Indigenous Pharmacy Scholarship

BioScript Solutions is a proud sponsor of the Indigenous Pharmacy Scholarship, founded by the Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals of Canada and the Canadian Pharmacists Association in 2023. This opportunity supports First Nations, Métis and Inuit students pursuing a career in pharmacy. It’s more than just financial aid – it’s a commitment to nurturing the future leaders in healthcare. 

For too long, Indigenous communities in Canada have faced systemic barriers in accessing equitable healthcare. BioScript Solutions aims to help dismantle these barriers by supporting aspiring Indigenous pharmacists and empowering their voices and invaluable perspectives in our healthcare system.

“It’s so important that we support the next generation of pharmacists, because they play a pivotal role in bridging the healthcare gap,” says Lisa Matar, BioScript Solutions Chief Executive Officer. “Pharmacists can make a huge difference in a patient’s healthcare experience, particularly for those living in remote areas.”

BioScript’s contribution will support one Pharmacy student and one Pharmacy Technician student, covering significant education costs and helping to reduce financial stress.   

“This scholarship is very close to our hearts, as many BioScripters, me included, were once young pharmacy students just starting out,” says Andrew Steeves, BioScript Solutions Co-Founder. “We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to simplify access to education, just as we would to specialty care, especially for those who are facing greater barriers.” 

BioScript Solutions is known for its comprehensive support for patients with rare diseases and chronic illnesses. It has a nationwide presence through its pharmacies, infusion clinics, and patient support programs.

David Ford, Co-Founder of BioScript, envisions a healthcare environment where diversity is not just welcomed but celebrated. "This scholarship is a testament to our dedication to fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring specialized care reaches every Canadian, including our Indigenous communities," he shares.

As the application deadline of June 20 approaches, BioScript encourages eligible Indigenous students to seize this opportunity to advance their education and career in pharmacy. This scholarship is an important step towards a more inclusive and accessible healthcare system in Canada that is reflective of the diverse communities it serves.